Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Vittgrow Solutions Private Limited, and our affiliated group entities, collectively referred to as “We,” “Our,” or “Dive.” We provide a range of financial services to our valued customers, whom we address as “Customer,” “You,” “Your,” or “User.” Our services are delivered through our website (https://dive.money), our app available on the App Store and Play Store, and any other websites or platforms we own or may own in the future. All these platforms are collectively referred to as the “Platform.”

At Dive, we’re here to offer you various financial services through our digital Platform. This includes our website, app, and any other platforms we use now or in the future. We want to let you know how we gather and manage certain information that we might collect from you while you’re using our Platform. This Privacy Policy outlines our approach. Remember, this policy works together with our general terms and conditions, which you can find here [insert link to terms & conditions]

This document, which we call the “Privacy Policy,” explains how we handle the information we collect or receive from you when you use our Platform. To fully understand our approach to privacy, you should also take a look at our general terms and conditions. These rules and steps described in the Privacy Policy should be read together with our terms and conditions.

We’ve created this Privacy Policy to follow the guidelines of the Information Technology Act, 2000, and the related rules, including the Information Technology (Reasonable security practices and procedures and sensitive personal data or information) Rules, 2011 (with any amendments) and other relevant laws that might come into play over time.

When you visit our Platform, sign up, use it, access our products or services, or take advantage of anything we offer through our Platform (which we collectively call “Dive Services”), you’re essentially agreeing to the terms laid out in this Privacy Policy.

2. Policy Review, Updates & Applicability

1. This Privacy Policy is all about the information that’s personal to you, which we call “Personal Information.” This includes any details or documents that are linked to a real person or a company. If this information can help identify someone, either by itself or when combined with other data we have at Dive, then it’s part of your Personal Information. Additionally, we also manage other types of information as described in the ‘Information Collected’ section of this Privacy Policy.

2. This Privacy Policy is like the rules for a game.  It’s made to guide how our Users use Dive Services. Users arepeople who use our services. This Privacy Policy is our way of setting the rules for how we handle your information when you use our services, unless we’ve agreed on different rules in a contract. So, think of it like a rulebook for using Dive Services, especially if you’re a User.

3. Information We Collect

When you use Dive Services, we gather various types of information to make sure everything works smoothly. Here’s what we collect:

  • Device Details: Imagine your device (like your computer or phone) sending us messages. These messages tell us things like the pages you visit, your computer’s address on the internet (IP address), your device’s ID, what type of device you’re using, where you are (geo-location), how you’re connected, mobile network info, the pages you look at, where you came from, and general website data.
  • Cookies: We also use something called “cookies” and “web beacons.” These are like invisible helpers that give us anonymous info. When you use Dive Services, these helpers track what you do, like filling out forms, updating your account, chatting, or talking to us about Dive Services.
  • More Info We Get: As you use Dive Services, we keep an eye on your actions and transactions. We collect things like your contact details (name, address, phone, email), certain money-related stuff (like billing address, payment info, and card details), and even personal details like your birth date.
  • Correspondence: If you send us emails or letters or if you talk to our customer representative, we save that info. We do this so we can reply to your requests and address any issues you might have.
  • Extra Details Sometimes: On certain occasions, we might ask you for extra info about yourself. Don’t worry, any info you share is completely voluntary, and you won’t be pressured to give it. We won’t check it for truth either; we assume whatever you say is honest.
  • Outside Sources: Sometimes, we might collect info about you from other places. This could be from our talks with you, or from surveys you take part in. We also look at how you interact with the Dive team and info from other accounts we think you control.
  • Phone Chats and Security: We might listen to or record phone calls for quality, training, and security. By talking to us, you know that we could listen in without giving you a heads-up.
  • Staying Safe: To keep you safe from fraud and misuse, we look at your info and interactions with Dive Services. This helps us identify any suspicious stuff.
  • Mobile Info: If you use our mobile app or visit our mobile-friendly sites, we might learn about your location and device. We use this to give you things like personalized content and location-based services..

Besides the info you share directly with us, there’s more we gather. This happens when you provide information to other third parties who help us with services and technical support. These third parties use things like application programming interfaces (APIs) and embeds to share info, which then gets added to our database.

We might also get info from your records with third parties. For example, we might retrieve your details from a Know Your Customer (KYC) Registration Agency (KRA). This can include stuff like your name, KYC status, your dad’s name, occupation, address, and documents related to these.

Tracking technology info is another thing we collect from third parties. This includes data from your web browser, your network, ads tracking, and how you behave on the website. We do this to understand and keep an eye on what’s happening for security and make sure everything’s running smoothly.

But, remember that how these third parties gather, use, store, and share your info is up to them. Their rules and actions aren’t under our control. We’re not responsible if these third-party services do anything that affects your privacy.

4. Agreement and Permission

When you use our services, there are a few important things we need to clarify:

  • You agree that we can share the info, documents, and details we mentioned earlier in the ‘Information Collected’ section. We share this stuff with Dive, including its partners, for the reasons we’ve explained in this Privacy Policy.
  • You’re giving us permission to contact you through SMS, phone calls, and emails. We might call you back after you’ve talked to us. This is so we can help you with Dive Services, tell you about products, and share promotions or special offers from Dive and our partners.
  • You’re also allowing us to share some of your personal info with third parties, but only what’s needed for giving you Dive Services. For example, we might share your mobile number to send you OTPs (one-time passwords) or to get your bank info to provide Dive Services.
  • You’re agreeing to let us get your credit score and credit information report from multiple CICs. We need this to provide our services properly.
  • By using the Platform or creating an account for Dive Services, you’re saying you agree with this Privacy Policy. If you ever want to change your mind, you can withdraw your consent. Just send us a message at hello@dive.money. But remember, if you don’t agree or change your mind, you might not be able to use all parts of the Platform, and we might not be able to offer you some services. If that happens, we might delete or make your info anonymous. But, keep in mind that we can refuse your request if the law allows us to do so.

5. Why We Collect Your Data

We want you to understand why we gather your personal information. Here’s why:

  • Safe and Smooth Experience: Our main goal is to make sure you have a secure, easy, and tailored experience. We use your info to provide Dive Services, assist you when needed, and keep things running smoothly.
  • Transactions and Notices: We use your information to process transactions and let you know about them. This could include sending you notices about what you’ve done on our platform. It’s all about keeping you informed.
  • Identity Verification: When you create an account or reset your password, we use your information to make sure it’s really you. This helps keep your account safe.
  • Problem Solving: If there’s an issue, we use your information to sort it out. We might need your information to solve disputes, handle fees, and fix problems.
  • Fraud Prevention: To keep things safe, we use your information to detect and prevent fraud or illegal activities. It’s all about making sure our platform is used for the right reasons.
  • Improving Dive Services: We use your information to make Dive Services better for you. This includes tailoring your experience, making sure things work well, and improving how our platform looks and feels.
  • To keep things secure behind the scenes.
  • Personalised Offers: We might send you special offers or updates that match your interests. These could be based on what you’ve told us previously.
  • Communication: We might get in touch using your phone number, voice calls, text messages, or emails, as allowed by our User Agreement. This helps us keep you updated.

Sometimes, we use your information to check your creditworthiness or to make sure information is accurate by comparing it with others’ data. This could involve creating profiles, offering personalised features, assisting with financial services, and staying in touch about transactions you make. We use your info to make changes to the platform that match your needs and interests. Sometimes, we need to keep records as required by the law or our policies

6. Links to Other Websites and Information Collection

Sometimes our Platform might have links that take you to other websites owned by third parties. These are called “Third-Party Sites.” These sites might collect your personal info, like your IP address, the type of browser you’re using, or your operating system. Dive isn’t responsible for how secure your information is on those sites, and we can’t control their privacy practices or the content they have.

Those third-party service providers and Third-Party Sites have their own rules for keeping and using information. Our Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to them. So, if you go to a Third-Party Site, you should check out their privacy policy to understand how they protect your information.

We also work with companies that show ads on our Platform. When you visit the Platform or other Third-Party Sites, these companies might collect information about you (except your name, address, email, or phone number). They use this information to show you ads for things that might interest you.

Remember, we’re not responsible for the information that appears in search results or what other Third-Party Sites do.

7. Keeping Your Information Safe

We take your privacy seriously and work to keep your personal information safe. When we say “personal information,” we mean details that can be linked to a specific person and identify them. But if information is made anonymous and can’t be tied back to a person, we don’t consider it “personal information.”

We store and handle your personal information on our computers in secure facilities. To protect your information, we use physical, technical, and administrative methods. These methods help lower the chances of your information being lost, misused, accessed without permission, disclosed, or changed. Some of the things we do include using firewalls, encrypting data, controlling who can access our data centres, and setting up checks for information access.

We’ve made sure that Dive’s reasonable security practices follow the law and meet industry standards. This way, we’re taking strong measures to protect your information.

When you’re making payments on the Platform, we use encryption technology to safeguard your payment information. We might also share your information with third-party service providers, like payment gateways, to handle payments and keep track of payment-related details. Even with all these measures, we can’t promise that every single transmission of your payment info or personal info will be 100% secure. There’s always a slight chance that unauthorised people could find a way to get around our security or the security of our third-party partners. We’re not responsible if this happens due to transmission errors, unauthorised access, or other reasons beyond our control.

Remember, you have a role in keeping your information safe too. Never share your personal information or security details with anyone else. While we do a lot to protect your privacy, we can’t control everything others do. So, if a third party not under our control discloses your information without our permission, we’re not responsible for that.

8. Sharing Your Personal Information

We might share your personal information with certain groups for specific reasons. Sometimes, we share your personal information or other non-personal information with our partners, collaborators, and affiliated companies. This helps them offer services to you through the Platform. But remember, any information shared this way will still follow the rules of this Privacy Policy. We won’t ever sell or rent your personal information to anyone. We might share your personal information with our affiliated companies and business partners. This can help you get the most out of Dive Services. 

We also need to tell you about the types of groups we might share your personal information with:

  1. Sometimes, we team up with other companies to provide things like content, products, and services. This could include things like helping you register, handling transactions, and assisting with customer support. We also share information to help spot and stop any potentially illegal actions or rule violations. This is important to keep our platform safe. Our group companies might use your information to make decisions about their own products, services, and communication. This helps them offer you things you might like. Our group companies might send you marketing messages, but only if you’ve asked for them and given your permission. We might share your account information with credit bureaus and collection agencies. This is allowed by law.
  2. If you’ve breached our User Agreement and we need to close your Dive account, we might share your information with banking partners as required by credit card association rules. This helps them keep track of terminated merchants.
  3. If Dive merges with or gets acquired by another company, your information might be shared with them. But don’t worry, they’ll follow the same privacy rules as us. If they plan to use your information differently, you’ll get a heads-up first.
  4. We might share your information if required by law, a court order, or other legal process. This could include law enforcement, government officials, or third parties. If we believe sharing your info can prevent harm, financial loss, or illegal activity, we might also share it. This helps keep things safe and follows the law.
  5. We might also share your information with other groups not connected to Dive, but we do it for important reasons:
  • Stopping Fraud and Managing Risk: To help prevent fraud and understand risk, we might share your information. This can help keep our platform safe and secure.
  • Handling Account Issues: If there’s a hold on your account or other restrictions due to problems with buying or selling things, we might share the necessary account information to handle the situation. This is all part of preventing fraud and managing risk.
  • Customer Support: Sometimes, we share information to provide better customer service. This could involve helping with your account or sorting out disputes.
  • Following the Law: We might share your info to help others follow laws related to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing checks.
  • Service Providers: Sometimes, we use outside companies to help us with things like preventing fraud, collecting payments, verifying documents, marketing, customer service, and technology. So, we might share your information with these service providers, but only what they need to help us.
  • Other third parties with your consent or direction to do so.

9. Our Cookies Policy

We use things like “cookies” on some parts of our app to make things better.: Cookies are small files that go on your device’s storage. They help us understand how our app is used, see if our promotions are working well, and make sure things are safe and trustworthy. And they add an extra layer of trust and safety. Some of the cool stuff we offer in our app works best when we use cookies. They make these features work smoothly and give you a great experience.

10. How Long We Keep Your Information

We hold onto your information for as long as it’s necessary to provide you with the Dive Services available on our app. This means we’ll keep it as long as you’re using our app and its features. However, if you decide to close your Dive account, we will delete all your personally identifiable information upon your request.

There might be situations where we’re required by law or under a contract to keep certain pieces of information even after you’ve stopped using our services. This could include information related to financial transactions or legal disputes. For example, we might need to keep your contact information and any details you provided when you applied for our services. This can help prevent fraud or provide evidence in legal proceedings.

After your relationship with Dive ends, we might use your information in a way that it’s no longer linked to you personally. This means we’ll remove anything that could identify you. Then, we might combine your anonymized data with similar anonymized data from other users. This helps us create big sets of information for analysis, profiling, and research. For instance, we might look at trends and patterns to understand more about our users and improve our services.

11. Changes to Our Policy

We have the full right to make changes to this Privacy Policy. This means we can add new things, remove stuff, or change how things work, all without having to give you special notice. If we do make any changes, they become active right away. We recommend you to check the Privacy Policy every now and then to see if anything’s changed. This way, you’ll know what’s new. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy and you keep using our services, it means you agree to those changes. You’re legally bound by the new terms.

11. Disclaimers

  • Links to Other Platforms: Our app might have links that take you to other websites. These websites might collect information about you. However, please note that we’re not responsible for how these other websites handle your privacy or what they share. If you decide to visit these linked platforms, it’s a good idea to read their terms and privacy policies to understand how they work. For example, you can take a look at this link: https://www.lendbox.in/privacy-policy.
  • Comprehensive Data Protection: We’re committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure, regardless of where it’s stored. This means we take measures to protect your data no matter where it’s located.
  • Referral Program: If you want to invite a friend to use the app, we might ask you for their name, phone number, and email. We’ll use this information to send them a message on your behalf, inviting them to explore the app. This helps us track how well our referral program is working. We only keep this information for this specific purpose and don’t use it for anything else.
  • Getting in Touch: If you have any questions, complaints, concerns, or feedback related to how we handle your information and privacy, you can reach out to us by sending an email to hello@dive.money. We’re here to address your queries and listen to your feedback.
  • Investment Information: It’s important to understand that the data and information you find on the app are not intended as investment advice. This means that the information provided doesn’t constitute recommendations on how you should invest. Ultimately, the responsibility for your investment decisions rests with you. We want to emphasise that we won’t be held liable for any losses or damages resulting from your use of the app or your investment decisions made through it.

If you encounter issues or have complaints related to your experience with Dive, we have a designated Grievance Officer named Diti Tanna. You can get in touch with her by emailing diti@dive.money. She will make an effort to acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours and aims to resolve it within 15 days from the date of receiving it.

The information provided in these policies was last updated on August 10, 2022. Our registered office is located at XIII, 721 B, SRUTHI, TB ROAD, KOTTAYAM, KERALA 686001.


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